Council Activities

During the last few decades, our Council was honored several times at the state level and acknowledged for our work in and with the Community, Church, Vocation, Pro-life, Catholic Education, Environment, Patriotism, Youth Groups, and Communication. Following is a partial list (in alphabetic order) of various activities that our Council had undertaken in the past, and continues to carry on some of them to the extent possible: 

Adopt-A-Highway, Adult Christmas Party, Art Auction,  Autumn Dinner Dance, Basketball Free Throw Contest for the Kids, Blood Drive, Blue Mass, Children’s Christmas Party, Communion Breakfast, COAL Sweepstakes, Council Anniversary Dinner Dance, Council Picnic, Crab Cake Sale to sponsor scholarships for  Catholic high school students, Disaster Relief Fund, Essay Contests for Catholic grade school students, Fall Fiesta Dinner Social to make donations to the U.S. service organizations, Family of the Year, Food for the Needy, Football Sweepstakes, Fourth Degree Exemplification, Fourth Degree Dinner Dance, Fourth-of-July March, Fund-raising for the Citizens with Disabilities, Golf Outing, Installation of Officers, Knight of the Year, Light Up For Christ, May Procession, Memorial Mass for Deceased Members, New Year’s Eve Social, Nun’s Appreciation Dinner, Religious Retreat/Day of Recollection, Saint Patrick’s Day Social to support Seminarians, Valentine’s Day Party to sponsor Pro-Life Activities, Trips and Travels, and much, much more!  

            There are plenty of Council activities and projects that a member may choose from and give his time and talent to act as Chairman, Coordinator, or simply be a part of the Organizing Committees. To paraphrase what President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address in 1961:

"Ask not what your Council can do for you, ask what you can do for your Council."

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