Council Officers 2012/2013
Grand Knight  John Kozul
Chaplain Rev. Paul Mouawad
Deputy Grand Knight Bill Carno
Chancellor      Charles Waldecker
Financial Secretary    Rick Terroni
Warden   Robert Shoemaker
Recording Secretary  Blaine Vogel
Treasurer  John Gallagher
Advocate James Kraus
Judge Advocate Jata Ghosh
Inside Guard Len Gliwa
Outside Guard  Dennis Fiocca
One-year Trustee Joseph Caromano
Two-year Trustee   Michael Vogel
Three-year Trustee 
Anthony Tenaglia Sr.
Delegate State Convention  Rick Terroni
Alternate Delegate  State Convention Bill Carno
Alternate Delegate  State Convention Blaine Vogel

Anyone interested in joining our council please contact Rick Terroni, Finacial Secretary, (610)356-5768, email rickterroni@comcast.net or Bob Shoemaker, Membership & Recruitmant Chair, 610-355-0804, email shoe62@comcast.net, ohn Kozul, Grand Knight, 610-446-8019, email, rdgrr@yahoo.com

The Council members meet twice a month (except July and August when there are no meetings)  The Council Business meeting is held the 2nd Monday of the month and Officers' meeting is the 1st Wednesday of the Month.  All meetings start at 7:30PM.


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