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            As it is mentioned elsewhere on this website, a candidate is initiated, for the purpose of becoming a member of the Order, through an exemplification process called Degree. At such Degrees he is taught, in succession, the virtues of Charity (First Degree), Unity (Second Degree), Fraternity (Third Degree) and Patriotism (Fourth Degree). A number of K of C councils operating within a given jurisdiction are considered to have formed a Caucus. A candidate wishing to become a member of a particular Council may take his degree exemplifications held at any of the councils within or outside of his caucus area. 

            It is important to note here that the candidates scheduled for taking  their  first through third degree exemplifications, are urged to properly follow the dress code, usually a jacket and a tie; they must bring their papers, where applicable. Candidates for the Fourth Degree Exemplification follow a stricter dress code. Regardless of the type of Degree, all candidates are required to adhere to the time schedule, since all Degrees start on time. 

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