Mater Dei Fourth Degree Club 

            Very few local K of C councils have their own Fourth Degree Clubs. The Fourth Degree, also known as Patriotic Degree, is the highest honor available to the members of the Order. A knight is eligible to be exemplified at the Fourth Degree Ceremony, to complete his understanding of the value of patriotism, provided he has completed the requirements of the Second and Third Degrees. A Fourth Degree Knight upon completion of the exemplification is called Sir Knight.  

            The purpose of the Fourth Degree Club is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship, and a love and loyalty to the country. Membership to the Mater Dei Fourth Degree Club is free, and open to all Third Degree members of the Council who are in good standing.  

            The Fourth Degree Club has its own set of rules and regulations in the form of By-Laws, which are practiced and upheld by its duly elected officials. The current slate of officers for the fraternal year 2010-2011 is:


            Jata Ghosh                  ..      President

            Jim Kraus                    ..      Vice President

            Armand Ruggeri           ..      Treasurer

            Charlie Waldecker        ..      Recording Secretary


          The President is entitled to select as many Chairmen as may be needed for various events of the Club. The Club meets at the Council Home at 7:30 PM on Second Mondays between the months of September and June. Some of the events that are organized by the Fourth Degree Club include: participation in the 4th Degree Exemplification, marching in the Newtown Square 4th of July Parade, holding fund-raising socials to make donations to various veterans organizations, such as Paralyzed Veterans of America, Pets for Vets, Help Hospitalized Veterans, Wounded Warrior Project, and others; organizing essay contests among the Catholic Grade School students to promote the meaning, value and significance of patriotism; distributing literature on the U.S. Flag, performing the duties of Color Corps and Honor Guards on appropriate occasions, and working in partnership with other local service organizations, such as American Legion, Catholic War Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Marine Corps League, and so on. We are sincere, proud and steadfast in our planning and implementation of activities that promote and preserve patriotism among people of all ages.


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