It is well-documented that one of the primary missions of the Order was to protect the Catholic families against the financial hardship that may be caused by the death of the breadwinners. While this mission is still in force and steadfast, the Order, in the intervening years, has created and offers to its members a number of timely and useful products, with sufficient scope and flexibility so as to meet almost any conceivable needs and circumstances. 

            As noted elsewhere on this website, the Orderís insurance program is extremely well-managed by appropriate professionals. As of this writing, the Orderís insurance program has paid to the beneficiaries of deceased members more than $4.5 million as insurance benefit. The program currently has over $70 billion of life insurance policies in force, backed up by $14 billion in assets. 

            For additional information on insurance programs and products, please contact the Field Agent Kevin Horan, PGK, FDD, FA, CEBS, FICF at  P.O. Box Seven, Paoli, PA 19301; telephone: 610/296-7499; e-mail: kevin.horan@kofc.org



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