Membership Benefits

    Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your local Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enriching your family life. 

Looking from an overall perspective, the Order affords its members myriad of tangible and intangible benefits which include, but are not limited to, the following. It provides the individuals with necessary directives, support and opportunities to take full advantage of membership, such as: 

     1. To join an organization that has been in existence for 128 years (and counting) with a long-standing reputation for helping the humanity in many ways and on diverse occasions;

     2. To be associated with an elite group of similar-minded individuals with common goals and purposes of serving the global citizens;

     3. To be creative and diligent in an atmosphere of cooperation in understanding and solving the dire needs of our friends, families and neighbors;

     4. To serve God, Church, and the Country;

     5. To promote and preserve the morals, purpose and value of life as it applies unequivocally to all human beings, regardless of age, nationality, religion, or social background;

     6.  To delve into an understanding of the various facets of social and cultural issues: education, health, homelessness, inequalities, religious and moral upbringing, as well as corporate citizenship, just to name a few;

     7.  To initiate, develop and implement projects and programs that would benefit the members of the Order in as much as they would other human beings throughout the world;

     8.  To remain steadfast and dedicated in protecting human life at any stage and at any cost by practicing, promoting and preserving the culture of life;

     9.  To bring out the stewardship in an individual for the welfare and material benefits of those in need;

     10. To set up examples of effective leadership with kind and caring attitudes for the next generation of brother knights vis-à-vis the Order.

   Aside from the above, the members of the Order also enjoy the following matter-of-fact, useful benefits and relevant privileges, such as: 

   Receive a free Knights of Columbus Rosary upon initiation into the Order;

   Are included in the Masses offered daily for the deceased members and their spouses at St. Mary’s Church, New Haven, Connecticut;

    Receive 12 free monthly issues of a publication called Columbia, the world’s largest Catholic family magazine;

    Can participate voluntarily in the insurance program for the security and well-being of their entire families;

    Are offered opportunities to save through a tax-deferred Annuity Program for the retirement benefit of the members and their spouses;

    Are entitled to accidental death benefits for the members and their spouses, at no cost;

    Are entitled to Orphan Benefits: $80.00 monthly allotment for orphans of eligible families, and also up to $7,000.00 in college scholarships to those who qualify;

    Become eligible for honorary life membership at age 70, provided they have completed 25 years of continuous service with distinction.




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