Information is the lifeline of any organization. Our Council members, in the early formative years, fully recognized the need and value of a communication vehicle for the benefit of its members and their families. As a result, a publication called The Observer was created. It is published every month, between September and June. It publishes news and information of interest to the Council members, which include, among others, Messages from Grand Knight, as well as from the Presidents of Home Association, Fourth Degree Club and Ladies Auxiliary; highlights of the activities completed, calendar of upcoming events, special-interest articles, and so forth.

            We are proud to mention that The Observer has earned continued reputation and received several awards at the Annual PA State Conventions, for the quality, coverage, comprehensiveness and timeliness of the items that it publishes for the benefit of Council members and their families. 

            We are also proud to place on record that Bob Barson, the editor of The Observer, was chosen by the current State Deputy to assume the role of Editor of the PA State’s monthly newsletter, The Keystone Knight.

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